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Your subscription will be auto renewed on each billing cycle. The amount to be paid monthly will get auto debited from your DTH account. Recharge now for uninterrupted services. Click here

You can view the live stream of your Camera on the Tata Play Secure App whenever you’re connected to the internet. On the app home screen, tap the Camera stream you want to view. After it loads, you will be able to view the Live Stream.

Live Stream Features:

  • Streaming quality: View Live Stream in HD (1080p), SD (720p) or 360p quality.

  • Live stream screen:There’s a lot you can do using icons on the live stream screen, such as:

    • Sound: Listen to the Camera’s microphone by tapping on the speaker icon.

    • Speak: Talk to family and even visitors to your home by using the mic icon.

    • Record: Record a video of the stream directly by tapping on the video recorder icon.

    • Take photos: Capture photos from the live stream by tapping on the Camera icon. These photos are saved to the album in the app.

  • Photos and recorded videos can be saved to your device’s photo gallery and can be viewed, sent, or shared from there or through the Album in the app.

One subscription covers up to 6 devices. Your monthly subscription charge and one-time activation charge will vary per Camera basis. For example:

  • For 1 Camera:

    • One-Time Activation Charge = Rs.999/-

    • Monthly Subscription Charge = Rs.99/-

  • For 2 Cameras:

    • One-Time Activation Charge = Rs.999 x 2 = Rs.1998/-

    • Monthly Subscription Charge = Rs.99 x 2 = Rs.198/-

  • For 3 Cameras:

    • One-Time Activation Charge = Rs.999 x 3 = Rs.2997/-

    • Monthly Subscription Charge = Rs.99 x 3 = Rs.297/-

Tata Play Secure is a smart home security service. Customers will be provided with a smart CCTV Camera on subscription basis. The top features and benefits are:

  • 1080p full HD Camera

  • Night vision

  • 2-Way Communication

  • 8x digital zoom

  • Live streaming

  • Time lapse

  • Motion & sound detection

  • Detection zones

  • Rolling 7 days cloud storage

  • Video alerts

  • Local storage

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